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Polach Appraisal Group, Incorporated is a real estate appraisal firm specializing in commercial, industrial, residential and special purpose property real estate valuation as well as real estate consulting and analysis. Our mission is to provide real estate valuation and analysis within a reasonable time frame, at a competitive fee, and in conformance with current professional standards to assist clients in making their real estate decisions.

Polach Appraisal Group, Incorporated has appraised a variety of real property providing appraisals and valuation services for a variety of clients. Our experienced staff compiles relevant information and provides objective judgments on the nature, usage, quality and value of real estate for large corporations and law firms, governmental agencies, banks, individual owners, developers and investment firms.

Our assignment as appraisers is to develop an opinion of value whether current, retrospective or prospective covering a variety of purposes including, but not limited to, fee simple estate, leasehold estate, investment value or other defined value that can be sold or transferred in the marketplace.

Each assignment is based upon the individual client's needs. We provide appraisal and consulting services for industrial, commercial, residential and mixed use properties, both vacant and improved, and provide specialized real estate analyses for wetland, floodplain and contaminated properties, permanent and temporary easements, estate taxes, property tax assessment, mortgage underwriting, air and development rights, railroad right of way, municipal redevelopment, grant applications, historic preservation and conservation easements, eminent domain including litigation support and expert testimony and highest and best use and impact studies.

In providing a real estate solution, our professionals first define the real estate situation, then determine the appropriate procedure. We collect, analyze and interpret the data and make the qualified and necessary judgments. Valuation or consulting opinions are then provided in a timely fashion for all major property types.

The goal of our company is to provide unbiased, quality appraisal services and support for our clients to assist them in making their decisions.